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General Water Heater issues in Denver Homes

Helpful Information Regarding General Water Heater Issues In Denver Homes

Most homes in Denver have high-quality heating systems. However, most heating systems will start to cause a few problems after a while. Hence, it’s quite common for most in Denver to experience one or two problems with water heaters every couple of years. Hence, this article will focus on some general issues that are commonly experienced regarding water heaters in Denver homes.

No Hot Water Available

Perhaps the most general and most common water heater issue is simply being unable to get any hot water. This usually occurs when someone tries to take a shower and realizes that they aren’t able to get any water. An occurrence such as this can be certainly annoying and frustrating, especially during the winter months. Hence, it’s highly recommended that whenever the first signs of hot water unavailability occur, a trustworthy repair service is called.

When there is no hot water available, there is likely an issue with the water heater itself. This means that a repair person will have to look into the heater and ensure that all of the parts are working properly. Likely, through the inspection, a number of faults will be observed.

Unreliable Hot Water

Another common water heater problem experienced in Denver is hot water that is unreliable within the home. In cases such as this, people may experience that the hot water in the shower will suddenly turn off without any notice. Other examples include hot water that becomes very lukewarm all of a sudden and then turns hot again. These occasions of unreliable hot water are once again very frustrating and should be looked into by a professional.

Just like with the issue of hot water being completely unavailable, unreliable hot water will also involve a trusted professional looking at the water heaters in a home and seeing if there are any problems that need to be corrected.

How much does it cost to replace a water heater?

Is your water heater not performing up to the mark? Do you think it is time to replace it with a new one? If yes, then you need to have an idea of the cost of a new water heater before you buy one of these gadgets. Before you hit the purchase button, here’s a few factors that you need to keep in mind to understand the best combination and price for the water heater that you want to buy:

1. Choosing between tank and tankless water heaters

There is a difference between the prices of a water heater with a tank and a tankless water heater. You need to be selective with your choice because both has its own pros and cons. Tankless water heaters are more expensive and they are priced around $3000 while the one with tanks has a price range between $800 to $900. The benefit of paying some extra money up front on tankless water heaters is that it can save as much as 25% of the water heating costs per year. Also, you don’t have the risk of running out of hot water. Moreover, it has a lifespan of around 20 years.
Water heaters with tank have a lifespan of about 12 years and not more. The installation process is easier than the tankless variant and the most important factor, the price is almost half than a tankless heater. It follows the technology of heating the water and then sending it through the pipes. Unlike tankless heaters, this variant will store the water for some time.

2. Choosing between gas and electric water heaters

In addition to tank and tankless water heaters, there are also gas and electric water heaters that you have to choose from. The technology of how the water is heated varies in these two types of heaters. If you are looking at an energy-efficient option, then it will be wise to opt for the electric water heater. Gas water heaters are not as efficient as electric water heaters in terms of saving energy. It uses natural gas instead of general electricity and that can prove to be costly in the long-run. But if you are living in an area that often has a power outage, then it will be wise to opt for the gas water heater. They can run without electricity.
One of the reasons why electric water heaters are so popular among people is that they are 90% energy-efficient while the gas water heaters can only reach up to 60 to 70% of energy efficiency. Both of these heaters have a lifespan of around 12 years but there is a noticeable difference in the recovery rate. Electric water heaters have a recovery rate of 14 gallons per hour while gas heaters have a capacity of approximately 50 gallons per hour. That is why the cost of electric water heater ranges from $6000 to $6500 while gas water heaters are priced between $4500 and $5000.
You need to consider the number of family members in your house and also your budget before buying a water heater.

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The Water Heater Inspection, Assessment & Repair or Replacement Process

Every water heater problem is different and the damage it causes can vary greatly. Get your Water Heater inspected by our professional team.

There is a fee for the assessment, but that is because we only work with the best. We send out only trusted local contractors who deliver a truly professional experience and who won’t pressure you into a commitment. You will be provided with an extensive and complete report and cost estimate, so you have a clear picture before moving ahead.

If you decide to use our services, you can count on our local team to be there for you as your advocate, and to help guide you through the whole process from start to finish!

In addition to a thorough assessment and professional results, you can expect the following:

  • 24/7 emergency response
  • No price gouging
  • No hidden fees
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!


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