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Is Your Water Heater Making noises?

The more common reason that water heaters become noisy has to do with the accumulation of sediment. The noise comes from hot water that bubbles up from the bottom of the heater through this layer of sediment. This usually results in a type of popping sound. As more and more sediment collects, the more frequently you will hear these popping sounds.

Preventing Sediment Build-up

There are 2 ways to avoid the accumulation of sediment:

– Flushing the water heater out. When you need to flush sediment that has built up inside the tank, first empty it. Now open the intake (cold water) and allow the tank to fill halfway, which will rinse out any sediment that remains in the tank. Empty out the water by letting it flow out the drain-valve. Repeat this process until there is no sediment left.

– Have a water softener installed in your house. Water softeners will assist in eliminating any sediment which accumulates inside the tank.

Other Reasons Your Water Heater Is Making Noise

If the build-up of sediment is not causing the noise in the water heater, here are a few other possibilities:

– When the relief-valve is completely closed, you might hear sizzling sounds linked to this problem.

– Water pressure fluctuations can result in ticking noises.

– Ticking noises can also occur from pipe straps that are loose which hold hot-water lines which come out of your water heater. This issue is easy to fix by positioning plastic spacers in-between the straps and the pipes. Make sure you wait for the water heater to cool down before you install the spacers.

– If you hear a sizzling noise this may be an indication that water leaks out of the tank, where it is exposed to hot-burner.

Other noises that are associated with water heaters include a knocking or hammering noise which in most cases is an indication that the flow of water is stopping suddenly. Many of the plumbing systems of today feature built-in measures which control this type of situation. Certain models have an air-cushion device present inside the plumbing line or lines.
In the situations when water pressure that comes from a street fluctuates, these air cushions can become waterlogged and this is what results in a distinctive hammering sound. This particular noise won’t come from your water heater, yet it can result in damage that could become very serious to your unit, resulting in costly repairs or even a replacement of the unit.

The best way to deal with this type of noise and to protect your water heater from unnecessary water damages will be to drain your plumbing system completely. This will involve shutting off your water supply that leads to your house and then opening all the faucets in your home which allows for a way for any air cushions in the pipes to fill up again. Wait at least 10 to 15 minutes before you open the water supply making sure you have closed all your faucets.

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